E-commerce Analysis & Reporting

The secret to e-commerce success to effective analysis & reporting

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Online retail generates vast amounts of data about your customers and their behaviour. How do customers first get to your site and what routes do they take once they arrive? Which of two approaches seems more effective at generating sales? Are there points in the process that many customers seem to stop – and what are the common patterns of successful transactions? What do they search for – which may indicate something is hard to find – and how do they prefer to pay?

All of this data has the potential to inform your store design and improve the customer journey. Sometimes, it can provide a valuable source of insight for the wider business, indicating bottlenecks or problems with customer choice or product range, delivery times or methods.

KPI Report

Monitoring the KPIs that matter to you

The challenge is always to make sure you’re tracking the factors that are of most value to your business. We can help you do this, providing a range of reports based around standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and readily available information – including basic tracking data and sales statistics.

We typically report on a monthly basis and crucially, as well as providing the data, can make recommendations for improvements to site design, new advertising campaigns or changes to your keywords. And if you’re moving a site developed by another provider to us, we can offer an even more detailed report as an introductory audit, to help you understand opportunities to generate new insight into your customers’ behaviour.

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