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With the possible exception of global brands, simply putting a store online isn’t enough to guarantee customers. Instead, you need to let people know it’s there and give them a reason to visit. Our digital marketing experts can help you select and implement the right tools for your brand and your customers.

For almost all our clients, we recommend some form of search engine optimisation (SEO) to help the major search engines not only find you, but also associate you with the right types of products or customer requirements. We’ll work with you to identify relevant keywords to include in the metadata and to build into your content. We’ll also often propose some form of content marketing – such as a blog or other regularly updated content – that will allow maximum flexibility to adapt to new search terms without forcing them into product details.

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Picking the right channels for online advertising

In many cases, our clients also explore some form of advertising. That might be classic pay per click (PPC) adverts, that appear on sites that are popular with customers in your target groups, or “programmatic” advertising, where adverts are selected by leading search engines based on customers’ previous searches. More and more adverts are now delivered through social media, from promoted tweets to Facebook ads. Again, we can help you determine the criteria for displaying your adverts and advise you on channels and content.

Finally, there’s affiliate marketing, where your products are specifically promoted through a selected number of partners. We can help you find suitable companies to partner with and crucially set up affiliate tracking systems to monitor the impact.

Whether you’re considering a short-term campaign – integrated with print or outdoor advertising – or ongoing digital publicity, we’ll work with you to put the optimum mix in place and develop online ads with impact.

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