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Digital marketing typically focuses on getting visitors to your site. Once they’re there, the challenge is to convert interest into sales – and there are plenty of techniques we can deploy to help you do that.

The first step, of course, is effective site design so that the journey from interest to purchase is a simple one for the customer. That can involve things like enabling one-click ordering for account holders but also straightforward factors like the size and position of the “buy now” button.

All the sites we design take such factors into consideration, but we are also available to assist with optimising sites built by others. A typical approach to improving conversion involves split-testing pages – using two or more designs to see which customers respond to best. This can often prove an effective way to discover if there are specific elements of a site that may be accidentally getting in the way of sales.

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Prompting the purchase decision

Where user details are available – typically through customers logging into an account or self-selecting their path to specific product categories – we can also help personalise their experience. For example, if we can determine that the customer is (probably) male, we can ensure they are shown men’s clothes; by looking at order history, it may be possible to identify preferred brands to promote. As well as banners and page content, the entire site navigation can be customised in this way, where the cost/benefit ratio warrants it.

And while we’re talking about prompting the purchase decision, one decisive factor can often be reviews from other customers. We can build in the capability to display customer reviews given to your site, or sourced as a feed from dedicated review sites, to reassure customers about their choice.

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