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The precise statistics may change but the principle remains the same: it’s repeatedly proven to be many times simpler to sell to an existing customer than to win a new one. But with growing competition for similar products, and lower loyalty amongst customers, how you make sure they keep coming back to you?

We can offer a range of tactics that will ensure your name is regularly in front of your customers, drawing on order history to offer timely incentives and reminders that can generate repeat sales. These can be applied not only to sites we’ve built or manage, but are also available to businesses looking to improve their digital engagement.

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Drawing on customer insight to drive new sales

With a database full of previous customers, there are opportunities to send regular email newsletters using MailChimp, or special offers to all those who have opted in. For example, if a customer has ordered a 90-day stock of a product, it could trigger an email offer 75 days after purchase. Those same special offers can also be promoted through SMS – again, subject to customer consent – or discount codes can be posted on social media.

Where customers log in to their account on your site, you can also offer highly targeted promotions on items they’ve previously purchased – or complementary items to encourage add-on purchases.

The more customer intelligence you hold, the more we can use, working with your sales and marketing teams to make sure the right offers and messages are sent to the right people at the right time.

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