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There are many routes to get to online stores today, from clicking an ad to knowing your URL or typing in the company name to searching for a specific product. For many businesses, one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic is through online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

If you want to open up more leads – and realistically, who doesn’t? – then let us open up your product database to selected online services. Created in the right way – using a CMS like we do – the data can feed easily into these marketplaces, without giving anyone access to anything sensitive. You benefit from the association with these trusted brands; customers simply click through to order, often using an account they already have with the marketplace.

Managing Orders

Managing orders the easy way

To simplify the process further for you, we can also provide you with a dedicated interface to administer orders coming from marketplaces. You can choose to manage these separately from orders taken directly on your site – to help with monitoring the success of different sales routes – or simply incorporate all orders into a single central point.

The whole approach opens up new routes to market without requiring any change to your site, or any additional admin beyond processing more orders.

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