E-commerce Hosting & Maintenance

Reduce unexpected down-time and keep your content up-to-date

Plumo fashion e-commerce store

Our e-commerce site design and build process puts you in control.

Once built, we’re more than happy to hand you the reins: you can host the site, maintain it and update it all yourselves – and we use tools that make it easy for you to do so.

However, in our experience, the majority of our clients prefer us to take responsibility for hosting and management. We host sites in the cloud, offering immense scalability so even as demand soars, the customer experience remains outstanding.

Hosting dashboard

24x7 monitoring, synchronised updates

We monitor all our hosted sites 24x7 to ensure they are live and running effectively, while providing comprehensive security including regular scanning. We provide daily back-ups as standard, but can also offer real-time back-ups for additional peace-of-mind – particularly valuable for sites with higher transaction volumes.

For updates and content changes, you can choose from ongoing retainers that allow you to synchronise content changes on a regular schedule, or one-off projects, depending on how often you need to change content. We’re also on hand to add new functionality from additional multimedia tools to more powerful search to product tracking, as your – and your customers’ – needs evolve.

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